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Vero Beach Kaffeeklatsch

Thirty-four Space Coast Region PCA members brought their cars to the Vero Beach Kaffeeklatsch on Sunday, March 12, 2023, creating a stunning array of early, classic, and late model Porsches for all to see! Beautiful weather and brilliant sunshine served to enhance the Porsche colors across all the models on display. Bright reds, beautiful greens and blues, mixed with classic silver, black, and white created the perfect Porsche color palette. Air-cooled, water-cooled, rear-engine, front-engine, and mid-engine models, powered by four cylinder, six cylinder, and eight cylinder engines were all represented in the mix. Four beautiful original 356's set the tone for the day, joined by the personal favorities of the members from among the other Porsches on display.

Steve Tarr, SPC Region Vice President, was on hand to update the members about upcoming events and to answer any questions relating to other planned Region activities. Phil Canal, an official with the "Wheels & Keels" Exotic Car & Boat Show, was also present to welcome and encourage SPC's participation in the upcoming charity event on April 15, 2023. It was another good day with beautiful cars and great people. Here is a link to photos of the event:

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