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"Under-the-Oaks" car show at Riverside Park

The Indian River Region AACA held its 45th annual "Under-the-Oaks" Car Show at Riverside Park on Saturday, March 16, 2024.  Over three hundred cars were on display in various classes including antique automobiles, classic 40's, 50's, 60's and 70's  American cars, vintage British, German, and Italian sports cars, and a significant number of modified Muscle Cars, Hot Rods, and Roadsters.  This was not a PCA Space Coast Region event, however six Space Coast members had their Porsches on display, which included two beautiful 356's, an early 911S race car fresh from racing at Sebring last weekend, a 997 "Black Edition" Cabriolet, a classic 911SC, and a very unique and highly modified 718 Spyder.  Four beautifully restored VW Beetle's in the same section served to complete Porsche's heritage within the display.  There was a large crowd of attendees checking out all of the cars and enjoying the food offerings that were available.  Whatever automobile interest anyone had was surely satisfied by the number and variety of cars spread out across the park.  There was even a working Allison Aircraft engine on display!  To see photos of everything, please head over to the website!

Write up/Photo credit: David Kelly

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