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Porsche 75th Anniversary Celebration

Porsche Melbourne celebrated the 75th Anniversary of Porsche on Saturday, June 10, 2023 with an event featuring modern and historical Porsche models from several decades of Porsche's unique history. Porsche owners and cutomers were treated to a show room filled with beautiful cars of many colors and equally colorful decorations to mark the theme of the occasion, "Driven by Dreams" which alludes to Ferry Porsche realizing his dream of creating a true sports car 75 years ago. The event was a great opportunity for Porsche friends and family to gather together and enjoy themselves in a special environment along with the cars they love. While great food and fine refreshments were served to everyone by a dedicated staff, lively music was played throughout the event by an onsite DJ, courtesy of Porsche Melbourne. There were raffles for prizes for the families and children who were attending, and special seating was provided for those who wished to view live coverage of the "24 Hours of LeMans" which was running concurrently with the Porsche 75th Anniversary event. Another "event surprise" was the unveiling of a brand new 2023 GT3RS on the show room floor so that everyone had an opportunity so see it up close and check out all of its features. Attendees also had an opportunity to star in their own personal video surrounded by Porsche's newest model cars, which was created onsite by the talented staff. Inside and outside, Porsche cars of all types were on display showing the rich history and evolution of Porsche design and engineering which has made the marque so successful and special to those who are Porsche owners. The Porsche Melbourne staff did an excellent job in planning and managing the event in a way to ensure that everyone could enjoy the camradarie with family and friends while seeing some great Porsche cars firsthand. Here is a link to photos of the event: By David Kelly

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