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Photos – Vero Beach Kaffeeklatsch on Sunday, April 10, 2022

From David Kelly – Thirty-six Space Coast members brought their Porsches to the Vero Beach Kaffeeklatsch on Sunday, April 10, 2022. Beautiful weather, combined with great people, and a terrific array of cars on display made the occasion fun for everyone who attended. The bright sun showed off a rich palette of Porsche colors and models, both vintage and modern. There were many Porsches to check out, in addition to a couple of other interesting cars at the event, with one member bringing his affectionately-termed “little Porsche,” a restored 1968 Volkswagen Beetle, while another driver brought his classic Corvette Stingray to keep the Porsches company. Several bystanders were also interested in the cars and strolled through the display as they selected their favorite ones. As always, there were many small details to see. Here is a link to the photos.

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