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Photos – Vero Beach “43rd Annual Antique Car Show” Under-the-Oaks at Riverside Park

From David Kelly – Five Porsches along with other German marques joined the more than 300 field of cars at the 43rd Annual Antique Car Show held at Riverside Park in Vero Beach on Saturday, March 19, 2022. German, Italian, British, and American antique cars, along with a multitude of stock and modified muscle cars, hot-rods, and trucks drew a large crowd for the event. If you were a fan of auto

mobiles in any way, there was certainly something to see among the many cars on display. From the sleek lines of the E-Jags and the 120’s to the race ready 911S and the 944S2 Cabriolet, to that spectacular cadre of Volkswagen beetles, you could have spent enough time examining just those to almost miss the rest. But, of course, there was more of everything. A jaunt to the fifties, sixties, and seventies with America’s favorite Ford, GM, and Chrysler cars at their best. Then there were the modified cars, from T-Buckets to T-Tops, chrome and patina, rat-rods and full customs; it was all there. Big motors, big wheels, multi-carbs, and superchargers ruled the day in that group. But, what about those five Porsches? They attracted a crowd of on-lookers all their own. Here is a link to photos of the event:

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