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Photos – The Larry Wilson Car Collection & Targa Sixty-Six

From David Kelly – On Saturday, February 12, 2022, members of the Space Coast Region gathered for a sporting backcountry drive to see the Larry Wilson Car Collection in Jupiter, FL. which was arranged by our good friend and professional automobile detailer, Alfred Marino (Marino Detailing – Services). The cars were spectacular in every sense of the word, as was the venue. The Wilson Collection staff afforded us a great welcome and were very accommodating, answering numerous questions and explaining the history and nuances of each car in the collection.

After reluctantly leaving such beautiful cars, we continued on to the Palm Beach International Raceway to see the action at Brian Redman’s “Targa Sixty-Six” event which features exotic race cars of every marque on the track as they were originally intended to be driven. Once again, it was a great opportunity to see some unique and rare cars in the Paddock and in action on the track. Former professional racing drivers, Brian Redman, Derek Bell, and David Hobbs, were on hand and happily answered questions about their illustrious racing careers and posed for photos with many of the visitors at the event. No matter what automobile marque you favored, you would likely find it at Brian’s event.

There were Porsches, Ferrari’s, and BMW’s aplenty in the Paddock, along with several prototypes and other historically significant race cars. Some great examples were the Revs Institute Collier Collection which was there with two Porsche 904 GTS’s, chassis #904-018 the 1964 Sebring 12 Hour Class winner driven by Briggs Cunningham, and chassis #904-046 which raced in the Targa Florio and at Nürburgring, and a Porsche 910/6 #910-007 which raced at Nürburgring. The silver 904 Cunningham car, with its #37, is all original and as it was when it won at Sebring in 1964. It was back in action again on the track at Targa Sixty-Six, courtesy of Revs Institute! There were more examples of racing heritage around the Paddock as you will see in the photos. Here are links to both venues:

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