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Photos – Porsche Melbourne Tech Session on Saturday, May, 14, 2022

(Resend with corrected link to David Kelly photos) From David Kelly – Approximately thirty Space Coast Region members attended the Porsche Melbourne Tech Session on Saturday, May 14, 2022. Porsche Melbourne was a gracious and generous host with the Porsche Melbourne staff arranging a welcome breakfast for the participants, and a prepared lunch following the session. Chris Huck, Porsche Sales Professional, accompanied by Michael Pace, Porsche Certified Bronze Technician, led the discussion with an in-depth review of the specifications, features, and driving characteristics of the Porsche Taycan. Chris made his beautiful Mamba Green Metallic Taycan available for the session so that everyone had a chance to examine it in great detail. There was much discussion about Porsche battery technology, charging and range capabilities, and the capability to digitally locate network charging station access while driving. There were SPC Region members in the audience who are also Taycan owners and they shared their positive experiences with the car. The technology of the Taycan is impressive and the session provided a great opportunity to learn of its capabilities firsthand and to see what is in store for the future. There is a link below to photos of the session. Photos – Porsche Melbourne Tech Session on Saturday, May, 14, 2022

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