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Inaugural Boxster Register Event today was a Success!

Thank you everyone who came out to our first Boxster Register Event! Check out the photos here:

We had 80+ PCA members from across the state - 7 Regions were represented! I think everyone had a wonderful day celebrating with 41 Boxsters coming out and a 911 and Panamera thrown in for good measure!

It was a HOT day, but plenty of shade at F Burton Smith Park in Cocoa.

The drive to Camp Holly was curvy as promised and the air conditioning at the restaurant was welcomed!

The results of our People's Choice Concours are:

1st - David Donals 2001 Silver Boxster S

2nd- Llyod Kanter - 2021 Blue 718S

3rd - Mark Guida 2022 Silver Boxster

Highest Mileage Award - Neil Chirico 147.7K miles

Farthest Distance Driven Award- Neil Newfield - 173 miles from Jacksonville

Special Thanks to George Allred for his idea and support and Pedro Bonilla - National Tech Chair and Miles Beach - Past Chairperson for the Boxster Register for joining us.

Photos for this album taken by Kaley Cumbus, Roger Duff and Robin Hoffman

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1 comentário

Paul D. F.
Paul D. F.
23 de jul. de 2023

What a great event! Lisa and I had a wonderful time, despite the soaring temps. Beautiful boxters to admire and interesting folks to meet, really a good time. Huge thanks to the organizers and volunteers that made it all happen. Looking forward to more!!

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