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HSR Races at Sebring

Historic and vintage race cars were in action Saturday at Sebring for the

HSR "Classic 12 Hour" Tribute Race, from noon to midnight, with four

separate Run Groups competing in a non-stop rotation throughout the

twelve-hour span. Space Coast Members Scott Kee and Ron Zitza won 3rd

Place overall and 2nd in Class! Congratulations to you both!

The event also featured a "fly-in," parade, and weekend

display of military and civilian aircraft from the last half century and

WWII on the "false grid" adjacent to the race car grid area. Porsches,

Mustangs, Corvettes, BMW's, Audi's, Chevron's, Lolas, Cobras, Ginetta's,

Prototypes, and American Stock Cars all competed for honors to be awarded

after a final elimination race on Sunday. There was plenty to see in the

garages as well as on the track, where race cars were prepped for action

along with other cars featured and displayed for rent and for sale. Many of

the on-track competitor cars, such as the fully restored Amalfi Racing 935

Kremer Porsche, came with long histories of racing success and still

actively compete in vintage race events across the country. Whatever your

interest in sports car racing might be, you would have likely found more

than a few things to satisfy that interest on the historic racing circuit

Saturday. One of which might have been the large contingent of Backdraft

Cobra Replica owners arriving en masse for a track-side display of their

cars, many of which were powered by Roush Ford Racing motors of all sizes.

It was stunning display. At the same time, out on the track the Porsches

were having their day taking it to the competition in Run Group D, with the

Kelly-Moss cars, driven by father and son, running 1 & 2 in their class.

In addition to the racing, the vintage aircraft on display contained some

excellent examples of WWII military planes, including the well-known AT-6

"Texan" many WWII aviators trained on, along with two well-restored Valiant

Trainers. Also, gracing the concrete of the former Hendricks Army Airfield

was a meticulously restored 1931 Stearman Bi-Plane, and other civilian

aircraft. "Pistons & Props" was a fitting description as race cars

maneuvered past the aircraft on the way to the racing grid. You can see all

of it in these photos David Kelly shot and shared with us - See Photos Here

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